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The e-Learning BOOK

This e-book contains a wealth of information about all aspects related to e-Learning, from technical to strategic, from conversion of existing training material and production of new Web-based training to selecting a learning management system. From obtaining high level management support to following-up after implementation.

Who is this book for?

It is for Corporate Executives who want to have an overview of what is involved when implementing e-Learning in a business.

It is for Training Managers who want to prepare well when tackling e-Learning and Web-Based Training projects.

It is for Trainers who want to know what to expect when entering the e-Learning world and discover new possibilities for their career.

It is for all those who want to re-orient their career and learn as much as possible about e-Learning and Web-Based Training, in as short a time as possible.

The e-Learning as a Business Asset book covers all aspects of implementing e-Learning and Web-based training in the workplace, from converting existing training material to implementing Learning Management Systems.

Table of content

Chapter 1: What Are e-Learning and Web-Based Training?

· e-Learning
· Web-Based Training (WBT)
· The Scope of Web-Based Training
. Varied Audiences
. Structure
. Tools
. Delivery
. Hosting OptionsDifference between CBT & WBT
· Advantages of Web-Based Training

Chapter 2: What Are You Getting Into?

· What Implementing Web-Based Training Means
· Overview of Various Aspects
· The Business Case
· The Importance of High Level Management Support
· Several Ways, Several Prices.

Chapter 3: From Very Simple to Very Complex

· Why Understanding Technical Aspects Is Important
· Introduction to Technical Aspects
· Bandwidth
· Various Web Delivery Options
. Basic
. Basic + Animation
. Basic + Animation + Audio
. Streaming
. Basic + Animation + Audio + Video
. Low Interactivity
. High Interactivity without a Database
. High Interactivity with a Database
. Synchronous vs. Asynchronous
. Virtual Classroom
. Web Conferencing
. Webcasting/Multicasting
· Web Scripts/Programming Languages/Extensions
. html & htm
. SHTML or .shtml
. Applets and Java
. Metatag
. Metadata

. Learning Objects

Chapter 4: Security

· The Importance of Looking Closely at Security Issues
· Firewalls
· Authentication Certificates
· Mirror Sites
· Replication

Chapter 5: The Web-Based Training Production Team

· Management and Planning
· Project Management
· Instructional Design: The New Role of Instructional Designers
· Writing & Translation
· Web Design
· Web Graphic Design: The New Role of Graphic Designers
· Animation
· Multimedia Design, Production and Management
· Marketing
· Internet Technology and Information Technology and Security
· Electronic Commerce
· Relational Database Design, Programming, Management & Maintenance
· Relations with Providers
· Relations with Customers
· Live Online Training
· Software Competency
· Integrating Various People into the Web-Based Training Team

Chapter 6: Knowing Your Tools

· Overview of Existing Tools
· Course Building & Authoring Tools
. Authorware
. ToolBook
. DazzlerMax
. Knowledge Mechanics
. Lectora Publisher
· Integrated Authoring Tools
. BlackBoard
. Click2Learn
. Designer's Edge
. I-Care
. LearningSpace
. MindLever Composer
. Peer3
. RapidBuilder
. TopClass
. WebMentor
. WebCT
· Web Authoring, Illustration and Image Processing
. Web Authoring
. Macromedia
. Authorware
. DreamWeaver
. CourseBuilder
. UltraDev
. Generator
. FreeHand
. Fireworks
. Flash
. Director
. Adobe
. GoLive
. LiveMotion
. Acrobat
· Digital Imaging
. Photoshop
. Streamline
. Illustrator
. InDesign
· Multimedia Production and Delivery
· Apple QuickTime
· Apple Final Cut Pro
· Adobe Premiere
· Adobe After Effects
· RealNetworks
· In Conclusion

Chapter 7: Managing e-Learning

· The Learning Management System
· The Course Curriculum
· Learner Enrollment and Registration
· Course Delivery Management
· Keeping Track of Learners' Progress
· Evaluating Learning
· Evaluating the Training Material
· Classroom Reservations
· Asset Management
· Document Management
· Expense Tracking
· Reporting
· Security
· Extended Curriculum and External Courses
· HR Functions
· Job Descriptions
· Performance Analysis and Performance Standards
· Career Planning
· Knowledge Management
· Return on Investment (ROI)
· Interoperability with ERP and Other Software
· Various Kinds of Providers
o Customization
o Potential Providers
o Client Queries and Customer Service
· Figuring Out Providers
· Learning Management System Providers and Application Service Providers
· Live Training Delivery Providers
o Contigo Software
o Horizon Live
o i-Meet
o Microsoft Netmeeting
o PlaceWare
o WebEx
o WebTrain
o Centra Symposium
o Learnlinc
o Interwise
o One-Touch Front-Row
o Arel Spotlight
· Web-Based Course Providers/Content Providers
· Learning Portal Solution Providers
· Selecting the LMS
· Identifying Your Company's Needs
o Administrative Aspects
o Technical Aspects
· Preparing and Sending out Requests for Information
· Receiving and Analyzing the Requests for Information Replies
· Selecting the Most Compatible Providers
· Sending out a Request for Proposal
· Receiving the Requests for Proposal Replies and Analyzing Them
· Preparing and sending out Requests for Quotation
· Customization and Personalization of the LMS
· Selecting the Right LMS
· Choosing the Right LMS Provider
· A Few Scenarios
o Scenario 1
o Scenario 2
o Scenario 3
o Scenario 4
o Scenario 5
o Scenario 6
o Scenario 7
· LMS Implementation
· Establishing Your Standards
· Standards for Graphic Elements, Layout and the Corporate Image
· The Corporate Image
o Colors
o Fonts
· Standards for Navigation and Interactivity
o Navigation
o Interactivity
· Technical Standards for Web Pages
· Software Development Standards
· Training Industry Standards… and Learning Objects
o Learning Objects

Chapter 8: Industry Standards
· AGRs
· Industry Convergence
· In Summary

Chapter 9: What Makes a Course Interesting and Engaging

· Creative Ways of Using the Available Technology
· Basic principles
· Personality Types
· Who They Are: Let's Start With the Two Extroverts
o The Entrepreneur
o The Performer
· Introverts
o The Analytic
o The Caretaker
· How Do They Learn and How Will They Be Affected by Training?
o The Entrepreneur
o The Performer
o The Analytic
o The Caretaker
o In Summary
· What Interactivity Is Available on the Web Now?
o Interactivity
o Chats
o Animation
o Animated GIFs
o More Sophisticated Animation
o Flash Animation
o Java Applets Using Java Programming
o Taking Advantage of Authorware and Director Capabilities
o Audio and Video
o RealSystem Producer Basic & RealSystem Producer Plus
o QuickTime
o Acrobat
o Plug-In Market Penetration

Chapter 10: The e-Learning Strategy

· The Overall Corporate Strategy
· Training and e-Learning Strategy
· Fear of Technology
· Concerns vs. the New Reality
· Human Resources Issues
· New Revenue Streams
· Knowledge Management
· The Global Strategy
o Who
o Why
o What
o How Much
o When
o Where
o What price
o Who Else
o How
· Major Considerations
o What Is It You Want to Accomplish with e-Learning?
o Thinking about the Impact of e-Learning
o Content
o Strategic Integration
o Hosting
o Security
o Customer Service
· Return On Investment
· Working with Consultants
· Organizing Your Resources
· Budgeting
· Pilot Testing, Prototyping, Beta Testing…

Chapter 11: Managing a Web Project

· The Importance of Project Management
· The ISO Method
· Flow Charts
· Goals and Deadlines
· Be Precise…

Chapter 12: Trends

· Evolution of Standards
· Learning Objects and Metadata
· Mobile Learning, Wireless, WAP, GPRS and UMTS
· Knowledge Management

Resource Center

· Charts and other files found in this book
· Organizations
o American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
o Learning Circuits
o The Masie Center
o The Brandon Hall Report
o Training & Development Magazine
o Training Magazine
o Training Supersite
o World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
· Adobe
· Apple
· Cisco
· Macromedia
· RealNetworks
· Other Course Authoring Products and Tools
· Industry Standards
o Learning objects related documents
o Metadata
o ISO Method
· Various Resources
o Animation
o Art Work
o Content Providers
o Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
o Handheld Devices
o Instructional Design
o Knowledge Management
o Replication
o Security
o Software trials and downloads
o Technical Definitions
o Web Conferencing

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