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Mon succès est votre succès


Change is an inevitable part of life. If we fight or resist it, we will be engaging in a losing battle. Your first step in changing your future is to learn to understand change and to accept it.

When you invest in personal development, you take responsibility for your life, circumstances, and happiness. Change is your ally - and a great tool to help you remain flexible, stay positive, and put your life both in perspective and in control. Embracing personal development will surely make changes easier for you in the future!

Start going over the following reference points and questions to gain experience and wisdom. Make the decision to invest in yourself; it will be the best and most important investment you will ever make to Change your future, now!

What about a productive mindset?

Curiosity, desire, motivation, vision, critical thinking, self-confidence, persistence, positive attitude, open-mindedness, and balance are the elements of a productive mindset.

A productive mindset is one that makes the best use of resources, time, energy, and efforts. It is not trying to do everything and be everything, or even doing it in the quickest way possible. It is making the most and the best of what one has while enjoying the process.

In order to acquire the necessary skills to improve who we are and what we have, certain qualities or characteristics are needed. Having a productive mindset means one possesses the willingness to ask questions and find answers - new and better ways of doing things. To have a productive mindset, one must train his mind to visualize the outcome. It is all about being able to accomplish the seemingly impossible by envisioning the outcome.

Mind setting is also acquiring the ability to assess a situation in an objective manner. Look at the pros and cons and be willing to make the appropriate adjustments. Even so, mind setting cannot be achieved without faith and belief that you are fully capable and able to do what you set out to do. Without self-confidence and faith, you cannot reach your full potential.

Most things do not come easily. The productive mindset must include being willing to overcome obstacles and adversity. It is the notion of persisting in order to reach a particular goal without letting any circumstances, the opinions of others, or setbacks, lessen one’s determination to succeed.

A productive mind setter cannot function without a positive attitude that allows for any possibility. Having a negative one defeats him, even before he gets started. It is all about being either positive or negative. One leads to success. The other will break you and lead to failure or defeat.

Donald Trump in is book, Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life, formulates a clear definition. ‘’Another thing you can do is to think positively and expect the best. My positive attitude has brought me a lot of luck. In the very beginning of my career, when I was trying to buy the huge abandoned Penn Central rail yard on Manhattan’s West side, I was new to the city. I had no money, no employees, and no contacts. The city was in the middle of a financial crisis, but I was optimistic and enthusiastic. Because I was so young, I could not sell the banks on my experience or my accomplishments, so I sold them on my enthusiasm. It is important to think positively. Negative thinking, especially about yourself and about your prospects for success, will kill your focus and destroy any chance you have of being successful.

There is nothing like an open-mind for generating new and innovative ideas. However, ultimately, to function well and get the most from life, we must maintain balance. Working towards goals is important, but we must also take time to rejuvenate and recharge. Doing too much, or pushing too hard, can lead to ‘’burn out’’ and frustration.

Remember to integrate these elements into your thought processes, for they will not only cultivate a productive mindset but will also set you up to reach your goals more effectively, develop positive habits and sharpen your mind to function at its best.

This was an excerpt from chapter one from the book Change Your Future, Now!

Also, in the same chapter you can familiarize yourself with questions, reflections, and answers about:

Can I keep an open mind?

Can I keep an open mind?

Do I think for myself?

Can I cultivate the ability to think for myself?

Could I not be thinking for myself?

Can I think critically?

Can I put subjects and things in perspective?

How can I make my heart and mind work together?

What about imagination and vision?

Can I develop courage?

How can I stop making excuses?

How can I be an original or my true self?

Am I an interesting person?

Can I think positively?

Can I expand my comfort zone?

What does it mean to take control of my life?

Can I balance my life?

Who is the person I want to be?

What should I consider?

This 642-page book is the result of a four-year project called Project Tomorrow. During the four-year period, we followed more than 500 trainees, aged from 16 to 72.

The trainees were from colleges and reinsertion programs in administration and computer science. Some of the trainees that were implicated where dropouts from school districts, and others were new immigrants or unemployed workers from different economic and social backgrounds.

To graduate, the trainee had to perform during a period of three months in a business environment. At the end of that time, an appreciation evaluation was performed to determine both the amount of change the trainee experienced during the period and the impact of that change on the trainee.

Many of the questions, reflections, and answers presented in this book are issued from our findings during this period. We would like to thank all the trainees for their efforts and determination during the process.

In a nutshell, to change your life for a better future, you will need to be completely open and transparent as you look inside yourself to answer the tough questions about what you think you need to do to succeed in life.

To help you to develop a clear and detailed program, for your personal growth and happiness in life you will need Change Your Future, Now!

The book through questions, quotes and reflections provides the necessary elements to explore your soul, to find out who you really are, what your true passions are and how you can become more efficient and effective, so you can shape your life.

Mon succès est votre succès

This 642-page book is the result of a four-year project called Project Tomorrow. During the four-year period, we followed more than 500 trainees, aged from 16 to 72.

It is also the fruit of forty years of experience acquired with local and international organizations and companies and during consultancy, change management, transition, and marketing services. For more information go to: .

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