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Mon succès est votre succès


The ability to perceive, understand and exercise judgment is the most desired quality that almost everyone wishes to have in order to survive and grow in life.

As life tends to throw different challenges at each stage, people want to have the ability to do the right things and be prepared when something unexpected happens in life.

Common sense is a natural ability to make proper judgment on practical matters.

You don't need to have specialized knowledge to use common sense and make informed judgments in everyday situations. For example, common sense tells us not to jump into deep water when we can't swim.

The accumulation of do's and don'ts in all particular situations that enrich a person's common sense is a by-product of life's experiences.

Although common sense is a natural quality and does not need to be taught, there are a few steps that will help you improve your common sense.

1.     Trust yourself: confidence is the basic step to increase your common sense. If you don't trust yourself, you won't be able to see a clear picture of situations in order to find the appropriate way to solve problems. So, trust yourself and be confident and handle life's challenges to improve your common sense.


2.     Take emotion out of the equation: to make a good decision, you must eliminate emotion from the equation.


When your mind is occupied with the outcome of certain situations, you cannot pay attention to every detail and find the best possible alternative to handle the situations.


So, you have to emotionally detach yourself from situations, to find the appropriate solution.


3.     Do not complicate anything: if you tend to overthink and overanalyze situations, it will only make situations more complicated. So, stop thinking and analyzing situations and deal with them as soon as you find the best way to proceed.


4.     Act with intelligence: there are certain ways to perform a specific job. If you do things the way you like to do them rather than how they can be done effectively, you complicate matters. Proper handling of issues is what matters most, not how you want to handle them.


So be smart and do things the way they can be done rather than the way you would like to do them, and your common sense will improve.

Therefore, common sense is an essential element not only for our survival, but also for growth in life. Increase your experiences of dealing with life's problems to improve your common sense rather than getting stuck at certain life stages.

So, if you want to reach the pinnacle of success in all walks of life, always be sure to discipline yourself to develop a habit of growing awareness, to enhance your common sense.

To do so you will need to understand common sense, learn basic common sense and how to use common sense.

You will also need to develop guiding principles so to faithfully follow a set of principles rather than giving up on them when it suits them.

There are far more details to assimilate and cannot be expended in a simple article. I suggest that you explore chapter 12 of the book « My success is your success. »


Mon succès est votre succès

This book is the result of forty years of experience acquired with local and international organizations and companies and during consultancy, change management, transition and marketing services.

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