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Mon succès est votre succès


« Life is short, enjoy it while it lasts. »

This kind of statement is common to those who believe that the essence of life is personal pleasure, fulfillment, and enjoyment. Therefore, many seek to achieve the « good life » with this mindset.

1.     What is a good life?

A good life can be described as a satisfying and fulfilling life. It is characterized by personal joy, accomplishment, and the enjoyment of life's little pleasures.


When someone says their life is good, it means they can access the basic things that give them comfort and pleasure.


2.     The qualities of a good life: a good life is a combination of experiencing goodness in different areas. So, when you have a good life, it can be said that you are healthy, happy, contented, blessed, and have a good reputation.


a.     Health: health is a state in which one feels, looks and is healthy. It refers to a state of complete emotional and physical well-being and is also referred to as a resource for daily living.


Health is not just the absence of disease, but also the ability to perform your daily activities without the limitations of health.


Without good health, it would be virtually impossible to do or accomplish the things that ensure a good life.


b.     Happiness: happiness is a state of satisfaction with what you see and the experience you have. Although happiness is usually short-lived, it plays an important role in sparking the enthusiasm needed to achieve and live a good life.

c.     Pleasure: pleasure is an experience that makes us feel good. Different things give people pleasure.

For some it may be money, for others it may be a loving and caring spouse, children, or the ability to access whatever they want at any time.

Although something is most pleasant does not mean that it is good, people often seek different pleasures in order to feel good.

d.     Peace: peace is a state of calm, physical, mental, and emotional as well as the feeling of being safe.

Peace does not necessarily mean the absence of challenges, but the ability to stay afloat despite the storms. When one is at peace, the mind is freed from worries and anxieties.

e.     Money: money is an indispensable good in life. Lack of money can create stress but having enough money to support yourself can create the experience of a good life.

The idea that pleasure is a component of the good life already means that there is a measure of satisfaction that can be obtained by the availability of money.

f.      Good reputation: a good life is not only characterized by what you do or value for yourself, not only by how others perceive you.

Integrity and character are necessary to earn a good reputation with people and it is also a very important component of a good life.

3.     How to make the transition from a good life to a beautiful life?

Living a good life is not enough; you may be living an average life. Indeed, unless you continue to grow, the things you cherish now may begin to slip away from you without continued growth.

Moreover, the true essence of life is not just in personal happiness, but also in continually growing, being the best version of yourself, and having a meaningful impact on others. Therefore, to turn a good life into a beautiful life, you must begin to look beyond your personal pleasure and convenience.

Here are some tips you can use to go from a good life to a beautiful life.

a.     Be committed to growth: never settle for the level of success you can achieve. This is because success can stand in the way of progress.

The biggest enemy of progress is your latest success, you might become so proud of what you have already achieved that you will stop moving forward towards what you can still achieve.

Therefore, to rise to greatness, you must keep up the pace of progress. Go from one level of achievement to another and from medium achievements to greater achievements.

b.     Discover your passion: to accomplish greater accomplishments in life, you must discover and ignite your passion. Your passion represents your true desire and what you are programmed for. Your greatest source of motivation will undoubtedly come from your passion.

Passion creates a « burning desire » within you and produces the energy and drive needed to live a beautiful life. When you focus on what releases the energy within you, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

c.     Find your purpose in life: life is measured by its impact and not just by its achievements. Your purpose is the reason for your existence. This is the impact you are meant to have in life. The purpose is unique in the sense that it is not selfish, but in the service of people.

Therefore, the goal of life should not only be to indulge oneself, not only to do everything possible to help others, advocate for a cause, and transform society. Most great people in history are not remembered for what they accomplished for themselves, but for the impact they had on the world.

d.     Cultivate your personal discipline: average people revel in delight at the slightest success, but great people celebrate their victories and keep spurring themselves on to, greater accomplishments.

If you wish to turn your goodness into greatness, you must cultivate personal discipline. Be moderate with pleasure and focus your energy and resources on, building bigger dreams.

e.     Set more ambitious goals: set yourself ambitious goals, big goals that will take you out of your comfort zone. To reach a higher level of success, you need to set bigger goals that can stretch your abilities. You cannot recognize your abilities until you place greater demands on yourself.

Therefore, turn goodness into greatness by constantly pushing your limits. Set ambitious goals, enterprising goals that will take you out of your comfort zone.

So, don't feel comfortable living a good life, but turn goodness into greatness by continuously developing yourself, pursuing your passion, setting higher goals, making a meaningful impact on society. Then you can tell yourself that you are living « a beautiful life. »

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