b"SUCCESS THANKS TO THOSE AROUND YOU Admitting your mistakes has the potential to strengthen your relationship with your team. Admitting your mistakes powerfully communicates that you believe in the relationships you have developed. The people around you need to know that you are human. They need to know that you trust them and your own leadership to say,I'm sorry. I didn't handle XYZ well. I take full responsibility. Here's what we need to do to get things straightened out and back on track The sign of a great leader is not that they avoid making mistakes, but when they make a mistake, they are humble enough to admit it and learn from it.19.Disagreements:disagreementsareinevitableandevenhealthy,here's why.An environment that is not auspicious to disagreement is not a growth-oriented environment. It is a control-oriented environment.To raise a well-balanced business or organization positioned for success, disagreementsareinevitableandevenhealthy.Themostsuccessful teams and organizations are regularly at odds.Yet traditional work cultures have conditioned us to think that everyone should agree with everything, and those with an opposing point of view are labeled as troublemakers or disruptors. But if everyone is always in agreement, how do you know what people are thinking?As a leader, you are passionate about your ideas. However, it can be discouraging to hear a board member, team member or even employee disagree with your idea or strategy, please listen to what they have to say.Aleadermustcreatesafeandengagingworkculturesthatrespect differences of opinion. No one will have all the right answers, and it's only through conversation, debate and yes, even argument, that real insights emerge to drive better decisions.20.Change, evolve: do not be afraid of change, because it leads you to a newbeginning.Changeistheevolutionofthingsinanaturalway. Change leads to success!Germain Decelles353"